PM KUSUM Off-Grid Component B

PM KUSUM Off-Grid Component B

PM-KUSUM (Pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Utthan Mahabhiyan) is a Government of India scheme that aims to promote the use of renewable energy sources, specifically solar energy, in the agriculture sector. Under this scheme, farmers are encouraged to set up solar power plants on their lands, and the generated electricity is used for irrigation and other agricultural purposes. The scheme has three components, of which Off-Grid Component B is one.

Off-Grid Component B of PM-KUSUM focuses on the installation of standalone solar pumps of capacity up to 7.5 HP. These pumps are designed to be used for irrigation in areas where grid electricity is not available or unreliable. The scheme provides a subsidy of up to 90% of the cost of these pumps, making them affordable for small and marginal farmers.

The pumps installed under Off-Grid Component B are equipped with a range of components, including solar panels, inverters, and batteries. One of the most critical components of these pumps is the B-Type off-grid controller. Let’s take a closer look at what this component does and why it is essential for the functioning of these solar pumps.

The B-Type off-grid controller is a device that regulates the flow of electricity from the solar panels to the pump motor. It ensures that the pump runs smoothly and efficiently, even when the solar panels are not generating electricity at their maximum capacity. The B-Type off-grid controller is designed to operate in harsh weather conditions, including high temperatures and humidity, and is built to withstand voltage fluctuations and other electrical disturbances.

The B-Type off-grid controller is a highly sophisticated device that uses advanced algorithms to optimize the performance of the solar pump. It constantly monitors the electricity generated by the solar panels and adjusts the voltage and frequency of the output to match the requirements of the pump motor. This ensures that the pump operates at its maximum efficiency and reduces the energy losses that occur due to voltage drops and other inefficiencies.

The B-Type off-grid controller also plays a critical role in the maintenance of the solar pump. It provides real-time data on the performance of the pump, including the voltage and current output, the speed of the motor, and the overall efficiency of the system. This data can be used to identify any issues with the pump, such as low water levels or a faulty motor, and take corrective action before they lead to a system failure.

The B-Type off-grid controller is manufactured by various companies and comes with different specifications. Here are some of the essential specifications of the B-Type off-grid controller:

  • Rated Voltage: The B-Type off-grid controller typically operates at a rated voltage of 24V or 48V DC, depending on the capacity of the solar pump.
  • Maximum Current: The maximum current rating of the B-Type off-grid controller varies from manufacturer to manufacturer but typically ranges from 10A to 60A.
  • Power Output: The B-Type off-grid controller can output power in the range of 200W to 3000W, depending on the capacity of the solar pump.
  • Efficiency: The efficiency of the B-Type off-grid controller is typically around 95%, meaning that only 5% of the generated electricity is lost during the conversion process.
  • Protection Features: The B-Type off-grid controller comes with various protection features, including overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, and reverse polarity protection.
  • Display: Some B-Type off-grid controllers come with an LCD display that shows real-time data on the performance of the solar pump, including voltage, current, and power output.

In conclusion, the B-Type off-grid controller is an essential component of the solar pumps installed under PM-KUSUM Off-Grid Component B. It ensures that the pumps

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