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Welcome to SLEKA Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Your trusted manufacturing partner for high-performance and cost-effective stainless steel submersible pumps, solar submersible pumps, and submersible pump spare parts, enhancing your product portfolio and driving sales across global markets.



Industrial & Domestic Applications

Solar Water pump

Raw- water supply

Pressure Boosting

Groundwater Lowering

Facing Challenges with Your Current Pump Supplier?

In the competitive world of submersible pumps, the right manufacturing partner can make or break your business. Are you experiencing any of these common frustrations?

If these sound familiar, it’s time for a change. Your business deserves better.

Why Choose SLEKA as Your Manufacturing Partner?

At SLEKA Industries, we don’t just manufacture pumps; we engineer success for your brand. Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and your business growth sets us apart in the global submersible pump market.

By providing high-quality, reliable pumps, we help elevate your brand reputation in the global market, driving customer loyalty and repeat business.

Our Premium Product Range

Stainless Steel Submersible Pumps

  • 4″, 6″, and 8” pumps
  • 50 Hz and 60 Hz
  • 2 m³/h to 95 m³/h
  • Corrosion-resistant construction

Solar Submersible

  • AC and DC options available
  • Compatible with solar PV                systems
  • Ideal for off-grid applications

Submersible Pump Spare Parts

  • Genuine parts for all models
  • Precision-engineered for perfect fit
  • Extend pump life and minimize downtime

Grow Your Business with SLEKA

Partnering with SLEKA Industries isn’t just about acquiring pumps; it’s about catalyzing your business growth:

Expand Your Product Line

Introduce a comprehensive range under your brand, tapping into new market segments.

Increase Profit

Our cost-effective manufacturing translates directly to your bottom line.

Enhance Brand Reputation

Align your brand with quality and reliability, fostering customer loyalty.

Minimize Risks

Leverage our experience and certifications to protect your brand reputation.

Expert Support for Market Penetration

Benefit from our global insights as you expand into new territories.

Innovation Leadership

Stay ahead with the latest in submersible pump technology, including advanced solar options.

Become the Pump Brand-of-Choice?

Partner with SLEKA Industries to enhance your submersible pump product line and boost your market presence.

    Do You Have Any Questions for Us?

    We offer our products at highly competitive rates and ensure high quality and durability, resulting in minimum maintenance costs.

    We provide warranties on all our products, assuring their longevity and high performance, which enhances customer satisfaction.

    Yes, we offer customer branding options on our high-quality products, helping you build and reinforce your brand value in the market.

    Our remote monitoring system operates on 2G/4G networks, providing live, uninterrupted data from the solar water pumping systems. This system is crucial for government agencies to monitor and approve fund disbursement to our customers.

    Our exceptional after-sales service and high-quality products with high water discharge rates ensure that your brand is well-regarded among farmers, the end-users of the solar water pumping systems.