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6SK46 Series Stainless Steel Submersible Pumps (50 Hz)

 The 12SK to 60SK series of submersible pumps feature critical components crafted from AISI304 stainless steel. This material choice ensures excellent corrosion resistance and wear protection for parts such as the impeller, diffuser, pump outlet, and suction components. These elements undergo advanced molding and precision punching processes during manufacture. The pump’s rubber bearing incorporates a wear-resistant formulation designed to minimize friction. Adhering to NEMA standards, the coupling mechanism connecting the pump to the motor ensures reliable performance. Our engineering team has meticulously designed and produced the impeller and diffuser to meet stringent requirements for efficiency, durability, and longevity, resulting in a pump that delivers superior performance over an extended operational life.  


  • Material Quality: The pump is constructed entirely from SS304 stainless steel, ensuring corrosion resistance and environmental friendliness. This material choice prevents water contamination, maintaining the purity of the pumped fluid.
  • Backflow Prevention: A built-in check valve protects against backflow when the pump is inactive, preserving system integrity. Optional drain holes can be added to the check valve seat, allowing gradual water evacuation from pipes to prevent freezing in cold climates.
  • Impeller Superiority: The all-stainless steel impeller surpasses plastic or brass alternatives in wear resistance and longevity. This design choice contributes to the pump’s high efficiency, operational stability, and extended service life.
  • Particle Filtration: A stainless steel sand screen effectively filters out sand and large particles, preventing them from entering and potentially damaging the pump body.
  • Bearing Protection: A specialized drive bearing is incorporated to mitigate damage during pump start-up and operation, enhancing overall durability and reliability.


    1. Full Stainless Steel Build: Made completely from SS304 stainless steel. This makes the pump rust-proof, clean, and eco-friendly. It won’t pollute the water it pumps.
    2. Smart Backflow Prevention: Has a check valve to stop water flowing backwards when the pump is off. Can have drain holes added to slowly empty pipes, preventing freezing in cold weather.
    3. Tough Stainless Steel Impeller: Uses an all-stainless steel impeller. This lasts much longer than plastic or brass ones. Makes the pump work better, run smoother, and last longer.
    4. Sand Filter: Includes a stainless steel screen to keep sand and big particles out of the pump.
    5. Special Bearing Protection: Has a special bearing to prevent damage when starting up or moving the pump. This helps the pump last longer.