Supplying top-quality products to our customers requires not only excellent engineering and design but also outstanding manufacturing quality. We have built a state-of-the-art 3500 sq. m. manufacturing plant in Umbergaon, Gujarat, equipped with the best manufacturing technologies and an in-house toolroom to provide the highest-quality products for maximum customer satisfaction.
Our core competency is our in-house toolroom with end-to-end design and tool-making capabilities. Modern machinery helps our qualified employees to produce high-quality tools for our press shop and welding fixtures. This allows us to provide products with the best performance, timely delivery, and competitive prices.
We have SEW press machines from 35 to 160 tons, LMW CNC machines, spot welding, TIG welding SPM, projection welding, automatic buffing machine with double-head rollers, and fully automatic and upgraded in-house testing setup as per IS. We use the latest machines for the highest precision and lowest tolerance and follow IS 8034.
Our manufacturing is done in our stainless-steel-only factory to prevent any contamination of our stainless steel products with rust and dust. We have a large in-house pickling bath. This passivation process guarantees perfect finishing, the highest surface purity, and long life.
Currently, we have the capacity to manufacture 30,000 SS fabricated impellers and bowls per month and we are already underway to increase our production capacity to 75,000 impellers and bowls per month. Production is the focus of our activities and is backed by our highly skilled employees who put their expertise to work and take pride in the superior quality of our products. It is the combination of our expertly trained staff, in conjunction with the latest production machinery, that enables us to offer high-quality products.