6 Factors That You Need to Consider Before Purchasing an Industrial Centrifugal Pump.

6 Factors that you need to consider before purchasing an industrial pump

All power plants ought to have pumps and pumping systems, which are essential components with many applications. They can be used to manage fuels, replace oils, cooling, lubrication, and many more. Therefore, thorough knowledge of the pumping systems is a crucial skill set for all power plant maintenance engineers. With this information, you can decide what kind of pump an industrial plant needs to operate effectively and estimate how long the device will last. The following advice may help you make an informed decision before purchasing an industrial centrifugal pump.

1. Analyze the Nature of Liquid 

The major considerations to take into account when choosing an industrial pump are the type and nature of the liquid that is being pumped by the equipment.


  • For moving various viscous liquids, such as crude oil, distillate fuels, low-sulfur fuels, residual/bunker fuels, etc., multiple screw pumps are excellent. Since the above-mentioned fluids’ viscosities exceed 100 SSU. This type of positive displacement pump is ideal for them due to its high-efficiency performance.
  • The progressing cavity pumps are perfect for moving fuel sludge and wastewater. These pumping mechanisms are resistant to any harm brought on by waste or abrasive liquids.

2. The Material Considered for Pump Construction. 

It is crucial to make sure that the material used to make the pump is protected after coming into contact with the fluid being propelled by the machine.

3. Pressure Supply 

When choosing an industrial pump, it’s crucial to take the pumping system’s pressure supply into account. Positive displacement pumps are the best choice in situations where the pressure supply is constantly changing. This kind of pumping mechanism is appropriate for liquids that can maintain a constant flow volume despite changes in viscosity.

4. Accurate Pump Size Selection

Selecting the ideal sort of pump and determining the appropriate size of a pumping device is crucial.

  • A pumping system that is oversized concerning the requirement of the powerplant will consume more resources and will perform at less than the optimum level of efficiency. The maintenance and servicing cost of the pump is also considerably high and significantly affects the business growth. 
  • An undersized pump when installed might cost less but the pumping system will need frequent maintenance and certain replacements soon. These additional expenses outweigh the savings achieved during the installation. 

Hence, it is essential to select the appropriate size of a pumping system before investing.

5. Pump Environment 

It is also important to consider the type of the surrounding environment before installing a pump. For example,

  • If a pump is positioned outside, special construction or installation considerations are required.
  • If a pump is to be installed in a dangerous environment with dust and hazardous materials certain motor features are required.

As a result, before choosing a device, you must take into account the environment where the pump will be installed.

6. Cost of Maintenance

Another crucial aspect to take into account is the expense of maintaining a pumping system because it is a significant investment. Therefore, if you want to reduce downtime and costly repairs, it’s crucial to establish a periodic preventive maintenance program.

Centrifugal Pump Maintenance Checklist

1. Mechanical Testing 

  • Damaged parts should be replaced using OEM( Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. Inspect for worn-out or damaged impellers
  • Inspect whether all the moving parts are in proper working condition. 
  • Look for water leakage. 

2. Lubricant Testing 

  • Proper lubrication maintenance is important to avoid vibration and excessive heat generation.

3. Electrical Testing 

  • Check the working of electrical wiring and various connections. 
  • Inspecting Motor performance. 

Wrapping Up!

This blog helps readers and plant engineers to select the ideal submersible pump according to their requirements. 

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